East Africa!

East Africa!

I am angry with myself.

I am angry because at 29, with 34 countries under my belt, this is my first time documenting it for the world.   Perhaps my obsession with privacy has gotten the best of me.  However, the paragraph-long descriptions of almost every pic I post of my travels on Facebook proves that I have got something to say.

I am also upset with myself for not documenting sooner, because as humans inevitably do: I forget.  I forget the details that I wish I remembered: the names of the many people I met along the way, the names of the unique streets, sites, and foods that I’ve come across, the details of an excursion, the expressions of a foreign face, the feelings that certain smells (good and bad) evoked.

My mind is a tricky thing.  Unfortunately, as much as I try to retain those wonderful memories, my memory is selective at best.  Evidently, every once in a while, a memory pops up as a surprise and I smile.  I smile broadly.

In creating this blog, it is as much for me as it is for the vicarious soul out there.  I say vicarious, but I do hope that this once vicarious traveler will one day make their own adventures a reality, if only thru my inspiration.

Which brings me to my intended audience: Traveling as a solo.black.female can bring its own unique moments, adjustments, challenges (and advantages!), and I hope to dispel any wariness that black people anywhere have when it comes to traveling while black, or solo or as a female.  In three words: It is awesome! –> only if you’re open-minded.

My travel lore has come thru some well earned experiences, but I am no expert.  I learn as I go.  Keep learning with me as I indite on old and new adventures, alike.

Bon Voyage!


About tashapi

I am a nomad. I am a vagabonder. I am a wanderlust. I am a globetrotter. I have had more addresses then I can count, and when I travel, even a rustic, sketchy neighborhood is art...hence, I am also a budding photographer. And although for years, I have felt the need to document these adventures, I have only just begun. I am also a lover of medicine, teaching, and global health. I'm trying to figure out a way to do all three. Welcome to my blog!

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  1. Sheena F. says:

    I’m excited to read what’s next. I’m proud of you friend.

  2. VisitSiena says:

    so true!! never too late :)!!

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